IT staff see pay rise over past year

July 20, 2012

Despite the economic turmoil and return to recession, IT contractor rates in London have increased 3.4% over the past year.

This reflects how organisations – which see IT as a way of improving business – are running projects that only require staffing on projects for a short time but provide long-term benefits.

Pay for permanent staff grew 0.6% in the year.

Phil Chandler, said the relatively moderate increase in permanent salaries witnessed for IT professionals reflects a cautious jobs market.

But Chandler added that it was encouraging that salaries are rising.

“The fact that increases in contract pay dwarf rises in permanent salaries is not only good news for IT contractors but also indicative of where employers’ priorities lie at the moment,” said Chandler.

“Many are looking to bring in IT specialists capable of making key improvements over a pre-defined period.

“The pay benefits on offer have meant that a number of professionals in permanent roles are now considering contracting as a serious option.”

According to research from a recent recruitment companies Salary Survey, daily rates in commerce and industry for C# developers, project managers and senior analysts reached £500 in 2012.

Meanwhile, project managers with the right skills in investment banking now get up to £800 per day, compared to £600 in 2011.

The increase in pay for IT contractors with the right skills is likely to continue as the finance sector looks for those that understand statutory, regulatory and compliance platforms.

Although permanent IT salaries are showing slow growth at 0.6%, there have been significant increases in some areas.

.Net and C++ developers in investment banking are getting £90,000pa, compared to £85,000pa last year.

The research found demand for IT staff is also increasing as companies attempt to move into the digital age. Websites developers with CRM skills and web experience are in demand.