Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

As a recruitment process outsourcing provider, Eminence Recruitment can take total or partial ownership of your recruitment operation and full responsibility for the outcome, ensuring you have the time and energy to deliver on your strategic goals.

The Benefits of Eminence RPO Solutions

Forward-thinking organisations engage Eminence Recruitment in RPO activity because it offers them a number of benefits that are crucial to how they manage their business. Although costs are a great initial motivator, over the longer term companies recognise that other benefits have a greater impact on their ability to successfully go to market.

Choosing Eminence Recruitment as your RPO service provider can provide the following business benefits:

  • Activities that are not core to your business can be achieved more effectively by our team of dedicated recruitment specialists.
  • Outsourcing your inefficient, unnecessary or non-standardised processes, reduce the need to use costly resources on basic processes
  • Switching from fixed to variable costs, while also benefiting from greater economies of scale, provides significant ROI
  • Benefiting from improved IT and campaign management solutions provides a greater and more targeted pool of talent
  • Having a dedicated resource that you can mobilise quickly and whose job is to understand the recruitment market can significantly reduce your time to hire
  • Freeing up your in-house talent provides increased flexibility and control
  • Removing the admin and maintenance associated with recruiting allows HR to focus on strategy and policy

We enable you to leverage these benefits by teams having in place that can help define and manage your recruitment strategy while assisting with retention policies and activity. Our extensive experience of delivering full recruitment models means you can expect a fast, efficient and effective service, all the time, every time

Relax in the knowledge that you have engaged a specialist and leader in the recruitment process field.