Contract Recruitment

Flexible workforces and the abilities of skilled contractors can make a significant impact to the success of any project. We understand this having over 10 years experience in sourcing contract professionals.

Why contract staff?

  • Launch of a new project
  • Unexpected workload
  • Staff shortage
  • Required expertise is not available in-house
  • Departments are not meeting their objectives
  • Expense of hiring a permanent employee is not an option
  • Skills, knowledge and advice on their past experiences
  • Supplement internal resource skills to meet tight time constraints
  • You needed it done yesterday!

Benefits of using Eminences’ Contract team

Our contract teams across the UK consist of highly skilled professionals, specialists within specific technologies and vertical markets. We understand the importance of finding you the best people as quickly as you need them.

Everything Eminence Recruitment offers is designed to make the process of recruitment as straightforward, quick and effective as possible.

To find out how we can help you meet your short term recruitment challenges why not ask us a question, and we will call you back when it best suits you.