InfoSec market in 2012 continues growth

May 28, 2012

The information security recruitment market in 2012 is surprisingly strong and continues grows. Until recently downturns in the economy seemingly hit the information security recruitment market harder than other areas of governance. There appeared to be a high correlation between investment in IT and the number of vacancies generated in information security. This link appears to have been broken. Whilst it is abundantly clear that the number of candidates accepting new positions has fallen, the information security recruitment market is currently holding up better than other areas of corporate governance.

It is the good fortune of those working in information security that high profile cyber attacks as well as well publicised data leakages and losses are ensuring that both government and corporate executive management is taking information security seriously. No chief executive wants to be embarrassed by having to accept the political or commercial consequences of lapses in information security. On the back of this business continuity is also enjoying a period of growth.

The number of information security practitioners employed in the economy grew during 2011. We are confident that unlike previous downturns, if another recession does come to pass, information security practitioners are unlikely to face redundancy as readily they have done in the past.

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