5 Tips for Working Remotely

July 8, 2020

Being able to work remotely or from home can be a dream for a lot of people, but it’s not without its challenges. Working remotely means you have to think more about your working schedule and set up to ensure that you can still perform your work accurately and productively.

Here are 5 tips for successful remote working.

  1. Invest in Technology You Can Depend On

If you’re responsible for your working equipment, such as being self-employed, then you need technology you can depend on while working from place to place. You should think about:

  • An easy-to-carry laptop or iPad, so that it doesn’t become a burden to carry it around
  • Smart devices and computers which have a reliable internet connection and work at a quick speed
  • Private VPN access so that you can remain safe when working in new places

It might be that if you’re employed, then your workplace provides all the technology you require for your job, in which case you should be sure to mention if any updates are needed.

2. Get Dressed (and Dress Smart!)

If you’re working remotely and the majority of this is working from home, it’s easy to slip into a more relaxed routine where normal standards are bypassed. Rather than staying in lounge clothes all day, getting up and getting dressed as you normally would if you were going out to an office can be a big help to your mentality and productivity levels.

Dressing smart or in workwear is also helpful for being in a work-mindset so that you are more focused.

3. Consider Renting an Office

Working remotely gives you the luxury of working from anywhere. However, for some people, this might be problematic if you don’t want to work from home and prefer to have an office-type setting to be more productive with your work.

You can, therefore, seek fully serviced London office rental from companies like The Workplace Company, which you can then use to work within, whenever you need. Renting office space means your environment can be tailored for you and can provide a more work-focused setting, even if you work ‘on the road’.

4. Schedule Your Breaks

Working remotely at your own pace means it’s very easy to skip breaks and continue working – perhaps without even realising.

It’s important to still set up a fixed schedule for yourself, which should include a healthy lunch break and regular breaks throughout the day when you require them.

5. Still Think About Ergonomics

For the good of your health, you still need to consider all the usual healthy working setups you would if you were stationed in a traditional workplace. If you’re working remotely, either from home or various locations like coffee shops, then you might not be thinking so readily about a proper chair with back support or wrist support if typing.

It can be a lot harder to achieve this if working remotely on the road, but you can always invest in your own items to carry around with you, such as a footrest, wrist rest or a lumbar support cushion to prop on any chair.