5 expert tips for upskilling in 2024 & achieving your New Year’s resolution of career success

November 17, 2023

“Are you feeling stuck in your career, eager to climb the professional ladder but not sure how to take the next step? The good news is you don’t need a complete career overhaul to make meaningful progress and with New Year just around the corner, the stage is set to make your resolution for 2024 one that focuses on upskilling yourself in order to achieve your professional objectives. Here are five expert tips from Lauren Wakeling at CoursesOnline which are easy to implement and potentially a game changer to ensure your success in the coming year.

Set learning challenges

Challenge yourself by setting yourself a specific, time-bound learning challenge. For example, you could aim to learn a new skill in a month or complete a certain number of exercises each week in order to drive your progress. Setting challenges adds a sense of urgency and accomplishment to your upskilling journey and prevents you from saying to yourself “Oh, I’ll do it later on”. This approach aims to improve your self-accountability and helps you get into the mindset of learning for a long time rather than as a one-off.

Make the most of your network

This one gets said quite a lot, but it’s true that your professional network is a goldmine for learning opportunities. Reach out to colleagues and other people within your sector for insights, join industry-related forums, and participate in networking events. Engaging with others in your field not only broadens your knowledge but can also open doors to unexpected career possibilities – you never know who might have a vacancy or know of someone else who does.

Sneak in learning with micro-moments

Forget the idea that learning needs a dedicated hour. Sneak in knowledge during micro-moments – waiting for your coffee to brew, on the bus or train, or even in a queue. Subscribe to bite-sized newsletters, listen to short podcasts, or watch quick tutorials. Before you know it, those micro-moments will add up to a treasure trove of new skills.

Tie your resolution to an eventual goal

Rather than looking to learn for the sake of it, say to yourself “I want to learn X in order to achieve Y”. This will help you to visualise your endgame and keep your eye on the prize even when things perhaps feel a bit challenging. It makes what you’re doing feel more real and as discussed earlier, adds greater meaning to any challenges that you might set yourself.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you 

Surrounding yourself with people who encourage you is essential for successful upskilling and career improvement. Positive encouragement creates a supportive environment that fosters motivation and perseverance, even if you don’t realise your goals as quickly as you might like. When you have a network of individuals cheering you on, it becomes easier to overcome challenges and stay committed to your learning journey.

In times of self-doubt or setbacks, having a circle of encouragement serves as a vital source of resilience. The motivation derived from supportive relationships can rekindle your enthusiasm, helping you push through obstacles and maintain momentum toward your upskilling and career goals.

Sticking with any type of New Year’s resolution can be daunting, especially as the usual stresses and concerns bump against your hopes and aspirations. By incorporating these tips into your upskilling journey though, you’re not just taking a step up – you’re paving the way for significant advancement. Remember, success is built on small, consistent efforts. Start today, and watch your career soar in the New Year!”