Senior Splunk Engineer

August 11, 2020

Job Description

Senior Splunk Engineer  (KPIs, Alerting, Threshold, Dashboarding, Glass Tables)

You will be:

  • Engineering real time product, platform and insight dashboards, kpis and metrics based on agreed designs, to provide real time monitoring/alerting of banking products performance, infrastructure health and alerting capability.
  • Implementing instrumentation and monitoring solutions using our tools chains to drive high levels of product analytics insight that will shape the next set of product features to be delivered to the customer.
  • Coach and mentor less experienced engineers, sharing knowledge through constructive code reviews and paired activities.
  • Evolve the design of the solution as the requirements and technical landscape changes;
  • Adapt development approach as projects evolve, continuously improving processes and practices;
  • Actively look for emerging technologies and development approaches that can help our instrumentation engineering capability.
  • Build a technical specialism in one or more analytic platforms, while at the same time keeping a broad view of our technologies and platforms
  • Deliver first class analytics using Splunk, APM or Adobe Analytics to provide product, infrastructure and service dashboards for product managers, engineering teams that solve business problems.
  • Take technical guidance from more experienced engineers, actively seeking out input and review;
  • Work effectively with my tools, making best use of source control systems, build automation, IDEs, code QA and developer test frameworks. I work to extend these tools as I find the need;
  • Work with business stakeholders and analysts to understand requirements, and express these as dashboards;
  • Learn and apply software craftsmanship disciplines, constantly cleaning and refactoring the code as I work. I understand the cost of technical debt, and reduce it at every safe opportunity;

Undertake design using established patterns and practices in use within the platforms and insights engineering team, and work with other experienced engineers in the team to adapt and improve these




  • Basic/entry level understanding of a core programming language
  • Expert level understanding of Oracle DB and SQL
  • Expert level understanding of Splunk (KPIs, Alerting, Threshold, Dashboarding, Glass Tables)
  • Intermediate level understanding of Linux, Python, Jenkins and Ansible
  • Intermediate level understanding of cloud computing and infrastructure as code
  • Intermediate level understanding of code craftsmanship - clean, low-complexity, self-describing code
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Edinburgh Location
Permanent Job type
Highly competitive, also comes with a 25% bonus + other amazing benefits Salary
Senior Job level
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