The unexpected link between snacking & career success

July 8, 2016

Noticed your boss has a preference for chocolate digestives? It might be time to head to the biscuit aisle.

Research has found an unlikely link between career success and snacking, specifically a link between food preferences and trust.

A study from Chicago University has found that staff who share a preference in food with their bosses are more likely to get a promotion or a pay rise, IOL reports.

The reason is thought to be ‘similarity attraction theory’, where people tend to like others with the same tastes or habits.

During the study volunteers played the part of either a manager or union leader trying to reach a wage settlement.

They were given a choice of chocolate or crisps to snack on, and the study found deals were reached more quickly when both sides went for the same treats.

“When negotiators consumed similarly, they felt closer and were able to come to a faster resolution,” the study concludes.