The most peculiar jobs advertised this summer

September 2, 2016

From sifting through rubbish, staying up in sub-zero conditions all night, and jetting off around Europe swigging gin – here’s a collection of the unique jobs advertised this summer.

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Hidden gem finder

Love sifting through piles of charity clothing for that one amazing find? Well imagine doing that – but through rubbish.

Waste clearance company Enviro Waste has posted a job advert asking for candidates to sift through heaps of rubbish for valuable items that can be sold.

The candidate must be fit, have a good eye for detail and “a strong nose with no squeamish tendencies.”

It’s for a good cause though, as the funds made from selling the gems will be donated to charity and gem finders can earn £20,000 per year.

The position is running for six months, with the potential to become full time.

Northern Lights spotter

A hotel in Finland is looking for a staff member to monitor the Northern Lights to then alert guests when they are visible.

The Arctic Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi is asking for the candidate to speak English and not be afraid of staying up all night.

However, the candidate would have to accommodate themselves, and salary depends on their experience.


A company is hiring for a “gintern” – a gin enthusiast who is happy to travel around the UK and Europe for the sole purpose of tasting gin.

Behind the advert is gin site, ILoveGin, and they are offering up to £20,000 a year for someone: “who will be happy to spend their days trying new gins, new mixers, finding new brands to work with, visiting distilleries, pairing gins and ‘ginspiring’ us with their new-found knowledge”.

The job offers candidates the chance to travel and work flexibly, from attending gin events in London, to tasting new crafts around Europe, working approximately two days per week.

Lucky candidates can earn the equivalent of £20,000 per year during the six-month internship.

And the position that has been filled… Hedgehog Officer

Sadly, the position for this charming job is now closed, as Alexandra North from Swindon has taken the role.

The post gained global traction on social media, but the wildlife trust interviewed just four candidates, all from the UK – BBC News reports.

“The competition was tough. We had applications from around the world and some really strong candidates,” the trust said.

North’s role will involve building a network of volunteers who in turn will help build a network of hedgehog-friendly routes around Ipswich’s urban landscape.

She expressed delight about her new job: “Everyone loves hedgehogs and they are so important to the biodiversity of our landscape and our wildlife.”

“I really hope I can engage with people and encourage everyone to see how making small changes really can make a difference to these little creatures.”