Software Asset Management / Continued multiple successes

October 21, 2011

Since it is core to our business, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the volume of placements we are making with the SAM Vendors and Resellers we are preferred  supplier to, but in the the case of a particular Vendor, since our last high profile placement (Services Director) we have added two further significant services individuals, making our conversion rate 100%!  And their team as market leading as their software – Another reason to be cheerful.

We strive to stand out amongst the crowd and it’s clear that increasingly we are gaining this recognition, not only the new clients we’re contacting, but by the new businesses that are finding us.

If you are an employer and have a need for resources at ANY level, or if you’re an applicant in search of a new permanent or contract position, do not hesitate to contact the team – contact us.