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13 July 2015

Top motivation for men revealed – and it’s not money

Scientists have uncovered the secret to motivating the male workforce, according
to research carried out by Leicester University.

Apparently, setting men goals leads to raised productivity, whilst giving them
specific targets to work toward helps motivation. Conversely, women performed
better than men when they had no goals set. The study looked at 109 participants
dividing them up into groups before setting them simple challenges.

Researchers found that men performed better, achieving higher scores, in the
groups with goals set, whereas the women had a higher productivity level when
they were not set a target.

Samuel Smithers, PhD student from the University of Leicester’s Department
of Economics explained:  “The focus of this research was to determine how to
motivate people.

“When we are given a goal, we feel a sense of purpose to achieve it; it
naturally helps to focus us. The findings demonstrate that setting a goal
induces higher effort. My research found that women perform better than men
in the no goal setting, but men thrive in both of the goal treatments.

“[This suggests] men are more responsive to goals than women.  I also found
a 20% and 35% increase in correct number of additions for the medium and
challenging goal groups over the control group.”

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