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18 August 2014


Not only do indispensable employees underpin your company’s culture, they are often also the face of your company.

You may find you identify and agree with the following six, but there may be other attributes that more closely align with your company’s culture.

Taking the time to consider the traits your current key staff have that really drive your business and then extend those thoughts to pinpoint the type of culture and customer experience you are trying to create can help to define the foundation for your next successful recruitment.

Consideration of these factors can then guide every step of the process from the tone of advertisement copy, interview structure and reference checking in recruitment through to developing the company vision and employment strategies that can make your company ‘sing’.

The key traits identified were:

1. Fire in the belly.

Take risks. Be determined, be ambitious, and get stuff done.

2. Smart works.

Be practical with your intelligence and apply it wisely.

3. Empathy is your friend.

Understand yours, and others’ feelings and motivations, and act accordingly.

4. Integrity is integral

Earn trust by telling it straight. Honesty gets you a long way.

5. All for all.

We’re all dependent on one another. Be ready to help, and willing to accept help.

6. Remember Alice.

(Yes, this means Alice in Wonderland, the little girl who dreamt she dined with the Mad Hatter, and got advice from a caterpillar). The quirks make us who we are. Embrace them.

Are you attracting and retaining those indispensable employees?

Are you able to identify the key traits of your best employees that you may like to replicate in your next recruit?

If you are evening reading this, then I hope we’re helping you identify these specific targets… If not, please get in contact.

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