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7 March 2014

Our Top 5 LinkedIn Pet Peeves

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn. We love it as a place to engage with fellow professionals but we hate its pointless features like endorsements! (Don’t get us started!)

I wondered what other people’s most frustrating LinkedIn features were. Did they find endorsements are frustrating as us? Did they detest the 50 group limit to the level we do?

Well, it appears so! So here they are, your top 5 LinkedIn pet peeves:


5) Search Feature (…or lack thereof)

Phil had some less-than-favourable things to say about LinkedIn’s search feature. He found it very basic, despite filters, and felt that it should offer a better experience when searching for people & content!

4) Sales Sales Sales

David has no time for people who use LinkedIn purely as a sales tool rather than a way to actually engage with people – I’ve got to say I agree with him there!

3) Recommendations? I Recommend A Change!

Diane doesn’t have time to write verse and chapter about her colleagues and wishes there was a nice little form she could fill in to tell the world what a great job they’re doing!

Don’t get her wrong, something from the heart is great when you have the time, but sometimes you just want to put together a quick recommendation and be on your way!

She’s definitely on the right track as I think the time it takes to come up with something on the spot puts some people off writing them at all, so there should be two options.

2) My Timeline Is My Timeline – Stop Polluting It!

Attention all recruiters! Tony is fed up of you polluting his timelines! His pet peeve is you guys liking your colleagues’ job adverts when they have no relevance to him whatsoever!

He’s also not a fan of “my boss says he’ll give me £1 per like!” statuses. To be honest, neither am I. So stop it!


Pierce hates being endorsed for skills he either doesn’t have, or the endorser has no first hand knowledge of.

Now, this is a subject I could rant about all day, but I’ll leave you with this thought: if I don’t know you, don’t endorse me. If you know I don’t have that skill, don’t endorse me for it! In fact, do everyone a favour and don’t use endorsements at all. Rant over.


We would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree with any of the points? Or do you have your own LinkedIn pet peeves?

SOURCE:  by Lauren @BubbleJobs –

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