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10 June 2013

As ‘hiring hoops’ increase, what’s happening to the candidate experience?

Over the last five years recruitment processes have changed considerably with organisations becoming more selective to ensure their hires offer long-term potential. Research by a specialist recruiter found that in recent years:

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 But as employers lengthen their recruitment processes and increase the number of ‘hiring hoops’ a candidate has to jump through, how does this influence the candidate’s opinion of an organisation and their decision to join? And how can employers limit the impact these changes have on not only their employer brand but on their company image as a whole?

Gathering candidate feedback guarantees that you understand the impact your recruitment strategy is having. By measuring and monitoring the candidate experience you are provided with:

1. Data evidence rather than assumptions.

2. Insight into talent motivation.

3. An opportunity to align your recruitment process and employer brand with the expectations of your target market.

4. An understanding of how your process impacts the perception each candidate has of the company.

5. Validation on good practice and highlights areas for improvement.

By gathering these insights you can react to data insights as they happen.

If you knew what your candidates thought of your recruitment process, what difference would it make to your business?

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