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29 February 2012

Emerging markets

Such is our expertise in ITSM/ITAM and ESM that our reputation appears to have proceeded us, as we have were approached by one of the big 4 to tender for supply against positions in Czech Republic.

It does also highlight yet again that our knowledge in our niche space is second to none…

While growth in developed markets has slowed after the global financial crisis, the focus has now shifted to rapid growth emerging markets. Significantly, 64% of executives expect that the majority of their revenue growth will come from emerging markets within three years.

To deliver higher revenues in developed markets and maximize advantages in emerging markets, companies are adapting their supply chains accordingly.

In developed markets, companies can enhance margins by:

  • Reconfiguring the supply chain to create cost competitiveness
  • Optimizing global spend
  • Improving operational agility and responsiveness
  • Managing environmental and sustainability expectations.

In emerging markets, companies can meet challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities by:

  • Establishing an effective supply chain model and infrastructure
  • Managing operational, tax and regulatory risk
  • Enabling new revenue sources

With the continued expansion and an enhanced customer base, we firmly believe that the opportunities arising are going to propel us to the next level.

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