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23 September 2011

Placement Today, Client of Tomorrow

Our experience over the years has shown that making a placement isn’t then end of your relationship with your candidate, but the start. We’ve always believed that a placement today is a client of tomorrow!

The proof of this being evident in our recent wins with some of UK/Europe’s Leading Software Vendors, Manage Hosting Companies and Service Integrators – Candidates we have placed previously are increasingly recommending our services to their new employers.  We value the people within our business and this shines through, as each individual brings a proven level of experience to ensure we are remembered – the saying people buy from people never truer – The market today is tough on many, you only have to read the news everyday to see that.  However here at Eminence we are pleased to say we have not been busier, so much so we are having to expand our teams to keep up with the supply and demand of our customers.

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